Rumor mill: iPad fans were disappointed to discover the 2020 iPad Pro offered few upgrades over its predecessor, but we're hearing more rumors of a new and improved model arriving later this year, one with an A14X chipset.

When Apple revealed the latest iPad Pro alongside the update MacBook Air in March, many were surprised to learn that the tablets feature the A12Z chip, rather than a A13X---an upgraded version of the A13 SoC that's found in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It was later confirmed that the A12Z was essentially the same as the A12X found in the 2018 model, only with an extra GPU core enabled.

We've already heard claims that another iPad Pro model would release later this year, and a China Times report lends credence to those rumors with a report on the Bionic A14X. From its supply chain source, it states that the chipset will be going into production soon.

It's expected that the 7nm A14 Bionic will be part of this year's iPhone 12 lineup, and, that the upgraded A14X version of the chip will find its way into the new iPad Pros. If so, it seems there won't be a Bionic 13X.

In addition to the powerful new chip, it's thought that the next iPad Pro models could copy the iPhone 12 handsets by featuring 5G, which would make them an incredibly powerful tablet in terms of processing and connectivity.

This is still all speculation and rumor, of course. If Apple does release another iPad Pro this year, those who just bought the 2020 iPad Pro refresh aren't going to be happy, so don't be surprised if Cupertino waits until 2021 to lanch.