In context: If you are ready for a glimpse of upcoming PS5 games, your wait might be over next week. Barring a scheduling SNAFU, Sony could be holding its first official games reveal for its next-gen console. Get ready for the hype to commence in full.

Sony might be ready to unveil some upcoming PlayStation 5 games as early as next Wednesday anonymous sources with knowledge of the event told Bloomberg. Like many other presentations we have seen, particularly during the Summer Game Fest season, it will be an online affair.

As for now, Sony's PlayStation 5 showcase is scheduled for June 3. However, the insiders indicated that organizers already shuffled the event around several times, so that date might change between now and then. They also mentioned that it is just one of many shows that Sony has lined up as we approach the PS5 launch this holiday season.

When asked for confirmation, a Sony spokesperson unsurprisingly declined to comment, and the presentation is not listed on the Summer Game Fest calendar of events.

Unlike Microsoft, which has shown quite a few upcoming titles for the Xbox Series X, Sony has been relatively quiet regarding the PS5. A couple of weeks ago, Epic Games revealed a tech demo running on a PS5 dev kit that both stunned and stirred up some controversy. However, other than that and a PlayStation State of Play focusing solely on Ghost of Tsushima (which is actually a PS4 title), Sony has not revealed much content to fuel the hype train.

It's an unusual marketing strategy as the companies usually like to one-up each other and trade barbs as the consoles approach launch day. Sony has held off going blow for blow with the Redmond tech giant so far, but if the source's claims are valid, it could be getting ready to open the flood gates or at least line up a series of punches.

Image credit: Jason Wang (artist render)