Time for a site update and although I plan to unveil various surprises in the coming weeks, first good news come in the form of a new TechSpot official hardware sponsor, you will remember Azzo remained for years as TS' partner however due to budget constraints they stopped sponsoring us a couple of months ago, we have been doing the talks with a huge online retailer & I'm sure you will appreciate the low prices and variety offered by... Newegg.com, that's right!

On a different matter, we will be conducting a demographic survey for the next couple of weeks which should help us selling our site better to advertisers. With your help we hope to have results rounded up by the end of the year, this will give Sales updated information on TS' audience and therefore, target campaigns specifically for them. We appreciate your participation, enter here.

Last but not least, I recently updated some of the categories available in TechSpot's user gallery, I have added a "Random" category for you to upload misc. worth a look photos. I must say I'm very satisfied with your participation at the gallery however even more won't hurt.