In context: The latest patch for No Man's Sky also squashes some lingering bugs and introduces a handful of quality of life improvements. The full change log notes a small number of general optimizations, improvements to load times, enhanced accuracy for hand tracking in VR, new chat options and more.

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games on Wednesday revealed it is adding cross-platform multiplayer support later this week.

That's right, from June 11, PlayStation 4 owners, Xbox One gamers and PC players will be able to explore everything that No Man's Sky has to offer together. And at this point, there's no shortage of in-game content to check out.

Getting to this point was no easy feat. As Hello Games founder Sean Murray notes, the team had to migrate to an entirely new networking architecture to enable cross-platform play.

In related news, Murray also announced that No Man's Sky will be available via Xbox Game Pass starting tomorrow. Furthermore, Hello Games is also releasing a Windows 10 version of the game that'll be part of the Game Pass for PC program.

Looking ahead, Murray said Hello Games will continue to work on new content updates for No Man's Sky, both large and small.