The big picture: Cameo, the service that allows celebrities to monetize themselves by recording personalized videos for paying fans, has taken the next logical step in its product evolution - live Zoom calls. Given the current social distancing climate, this could be the closest you’ll be able to get to an in-person meet and greet for the foreseeable future.

Interested parties can now book a live, 10-minute Zoom call with participating celebrities and invite up to four friends. As you’d expect, this type of interaction is more expensive than a pre-recorded message but it’s more personalized, too, as you can ask them whatever you want or just see where the conversation takes you.

Cameo has attracted thousands of actors, musicians, athletes and comedians, all willing to share a bit of their time with fans. Pricing varies greatly depending on celebrity status, ranging anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars per request.

There’s an abundance of lesser-known talent but you can also find some big name celebs eager for action such as Brett Favre, Gilbert Gottfried, Snoop Dogg and Riff Raff.

To book a Zoom call, simply click the appropriately labeled button and select an available date and time. Note that some talent will naturally book up faster than others and all are subject to availability so keep that in mind when planning a session.