Rumor mill: It's been quite some time since the world has seen a decent Harry Potter video game adaptation, but one might finally be on the horizon. Footage of a mysterious Harry Potter RPG leaked back in 2018, and now, new reports claim that the title is real, and set to launch on next-gen consoles in late 2021.

Avalanche Studios is rumored to be working on the game, with Warner Bros acting as publisher. Obviously, neither company has commented on any of the rumors or leaks, but that isn't saying much, especially given that the latter has actively taken down the leaked footage in the past.

A Bloomberg report claims that the game was initially intended to be revealed at E3 2020 this month, but due to Covid-19 complications, plans for the reveal were delayed. It's unclear why Warner Bros didn't decide to hold its own digital event as part of the ongoing Summer Games Fest, but perhaps the need to work from home slowed down the development process for a demo or trailer reveal.

Not much is known about the unnamed RPG, other than its expected release window and some general setting information – Bloomberg says it will be a "vast, open-world re-creation" of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. Previously-leaked footage did give us a glimpse of the game's art style and combat, but it was too brief and low-resolution to draw any firm conclusions.

Hopefully, Warner Bros and Avalanche Studios will reveal their hand soon, but a full announcement might have to wait until next year. With a little luck and hard work on the part of medical professionals, the Covid-19 pandemic might be under control by then.