Rumor mill: Video games based in the Harry Potter universe have been mostly action-adventure games --- linear and without much depth. Leaked footage of an open-world RPG of the franchise was spotted today that appears to promise more substantive gameplay including the choice to be good or evil.

By all appearances, Warner Bros Entertainment Interactive is working on an open-world Harry Potter RPG. Clips of the game-in-progress leaked on Reddit and Youtube Tuesday but were quickly pulled by a DMCA notice from the studio.

The low-quality video appeared to be filmed at a screening. The poster of the footage, VapeThisBro said that it was a portion of the game that was shown to a focus group. He did not elaborate on where he found the footage or if he was a part of the focus group.

The clip showed the game as a third-person adventure. The player character is seen wielding a wand, fighting goblins, and strolling through a town populated with NPCs. There was also a scene showing Hogwarts' Hall.

Engadget got to see the video before it was taken down and notes that despite the poor quality of the footage, the game looked quite polished.

"The fact that the polished appearance of the game shines through the low-quality video (essentially a recording of a trailer on a screen) makes it all the more exciting."

According to the leaker, the game is set in the 19th century. The protagonist is a fifth-year student at Hogwarts. The project is described as an open-world RPG with a magic and potion crafting system. The player also has the freedom to choose to be good or evil.

Warner Bros Entertainment Interactive has not made any announcements regarding a new Harry Potter game. However, rumors surfaced last year that Avalanche Studios, which is a subsidiary of WBEI, was "assigned" a Harry Potter roleplaying project. Those rumors were based on job listings spotted by SegmentNext.

It does appear that the game is in the works especially with Warner Bros quick action in canning the leak. However, with nothing officially announced, anything can happen. So as always, take this news with a grain of salt.