In brief: Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is about to get a bit better. Perhaps as a result of the work-from-home policies instituted by several companies amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the software giant has opted to improve file uploading and sharing for businesses.

Microsoft is accomplishing that goal in a few different ways – the first is the new "Add to OneDrive" feature, which lets you add shortcuts to shared folders to your own OneDrive with just a couple of clicks. Additionally, Teams is being more tightly integrated with OneDrive: you'll soon be able to create "sharing links" with customizable permissions.

For example, when you activate Teams' file sharing feature, you could share a folder with anybody in your company, those in a specific chat channel, individual people, or anyone. You'll also be able to keep those permissions intact even if a given file changes library locations.

The final notable sharing-related improvement coming to OneDrive is address bar sharing. With this function, you can copy a file's URL directly from your browser's address bar and instantly share it with anyone you'd like. Microsoft says the feature respects "all sharing policies" and will lead to "natural and easy collaboration" within an organization.

Business users aren't the only one will benefit from OneDrive's latest improvements. A couple of broader upgrades are arriving for everyone: OneDrive and SharePoint are seeing their file size upload limits increased to 100GB from 15GB, for example, and OneDrive's web app is finally receiving a Dark Mode.

Some of these features, such as the increased upload limit, are arriving today, but most of them will come at some point in the future – Microsoft hasn't provided a solid ETA for Dark Mode or Add to OneDrive yet.

Image credit: IB Photography