WTF?! A Switch user has created a JoyCon controller adapter for the sole purpose of simulating a pinball machine. Sometimes the best answer to the question "Why?" is simply because you can.

Tommy Williamson from Nerds&Makers designed a 3D-printed JoyCon dock, dubbed SwitchPin, that attaches to his TV to create a makeshift pinball machine. Other than the 3D-printing aspect, the mod is relatively low-tech.

The design is two printed pieces of plastic fitted with standard pinball-style buttons on the sides. A compartment houses each JoyCon, and the pinball buttons activate the shoulder triggers, which are what is normally used with video pinball games.

A third plastic part attaches the two control mechanisms and serves as a mount for the television. Once assembled, lay the tv on a table, attach the SwitchPin, place the Switch and JoyCons in their respective docks, and set the game to portrait mode. Viola! Instant arcade-style pinball machine.

Nerds&Makers posted the designs, instructions, and 3D-printing files on Thingiverse for anyone interested in making their own.