WTF?! In addition to launching on the current crop of consoles, Watch Dogs: Legion will be one of the first titles on next-gen machines. As such, maxing out its graphics on the PC might take an absolute beast of a rig. Right now, the game is so demanding at its highest settings that even the might RTX 2080 Ti can't maintain 60 fps at just 1080p.

Ubisoft showed off some more gameplay footage of Watch Dogs: Legion at its Forward event yesterday, the same day that Digital Foundry uploaded a video of an early preview build on PC.The game is set at locked at 30 fps in the build, likely to match the console versions, with all the graphics settings at Ultra, including ray-traced reflections. Even though the test machine was running an RTX 2080 Ti, it was unable to manage a steady 60 fps@1080p when the framerate was unlocked.

There are a few important things to note here: this is a pre-release build of the game, so there'll be plenty of optimizations before launch that will improve frame rates; and setting everything to Ultra in a graphically demanding game, especially the ray tracing option, is always going to push a PC to its limits.

Digital Foundry never had the chance to test DLSS 2.0, which renders a game at a lower than native resolution and then upscales back to its native res using AI and deep learning. Its use could mean the final version of Legion will be able to manage 60fps at 4K (upscaled from 1080p) even with ray tracing enabled.

Hopefully, this won't be bad news for those with PCs that cost under $1,500, and the final game will be better optimized.