What just happened? OnePlus has been teasing its first entry into the truly-wireless earbud market for some time now, but it's stopped short of showing off any official designs. Now, though, images extracted from the OnePlus Buds APK reveal the product (which appears to have three different color options) and several of its features.

These buds, which are expected to launch tomorrow, will be OnePlus' first major departure from traditional wireless earbud design. They've sold Bluetooth-connected buds in the past (such as the OnePlus Bullets), but the individual earpieces have always been connected by a cable.

With the company's upcoming device, that will not be the case. Indeed, based on the leaked images we've seen so far (discovered by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers), the buds appear to resemble Apple's AirPods more than anything OnePlus has released in the past.

Like the AirPods, OnePlus' buds seem to be all-plastic (with no rubberized ear tips), and they have a similar L-shaped design.

Naturally, the buds have their own rounded charging case, with a simple LED that seems to display either charging activity or battery life. Further, 9to5Google was able to confirm that the buds will include support for a "Find my Device" function and Dolby Atmos. Touch control, fast pairing, and automatic audio pause/resume are also likely features.

In terms of battery life, OnePlus claims the Buds will be able to run for seven hours per full charge, with the case storing an additional 23 hours of power whenever you need a convenient top-up.

We aren't sure how much OnePlus' buds will cost when they release, but they will probably be under $100, according to a tease published on the company's Instagram profile (which referenced a "$XX.XX" price point). When the device gets a full reveal, we'll be sure to cover it here, so stay tuned for that.