When computer science students arrive at college, Python is one of the first programming languages they learn. Why? Because Python is powerful enough to support artificial intelligence and data science, yet it's easy to understand and get started with. It also happens to be very versatile.

The Complete Python eBook & Video Course Bundle helps you learn the same in-demand skills and start a career in software development. The bundle contains 17 hours of content, including five courses and five ebooks. You can pick up the training now for just $29.99, saving 96% on the total value. Whether you are taking your first step in programming or trying to expand your current knowledge, here's a look at what you get in the bundle:

  • Mastering Object-Oriented Python: How to effectively implement OOP in Python, complete with practical examples
  • Python for Data Science: You will explore coding on real-life datasets, and implement your knowledge on projects
  • Creating Deep Learning Models: Learn how to build neural networks with Python and the PyTorch framework
  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning Projects: Code your own intelligent programs, from recommendation engines to natural language processing
  • Explore Computer Vision: Discover how to code apps that can recognize real objects

All the content includes lifetime access and comes from Packt Publishing which has been highly rated by over 300,000 students. This learning pack is usually worth $776, but you can grab the full line-up now for just $29.99.

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