In brief: This gaming variant of Herman Miller's Embody chair features an additional layer of foam in the seat to support a more active posture. There are also multiple provisions for supporting your spine while sitting and distributing weight evenly for pressure relief, which can help improve blood flow to and from lower limbs. The foam in the seat is also infused with copper to help reduce heat buildup while gaming.

Logitech earlier this year announced a partnership with American furniture maker Herman Miller that promised to blend the "science of play" with the "science of sitting" to create "advanced solutions for gamers." Now we're finally getting to see the fruits of their labor.

The Embody Gaming Chair is an enhanced version of Herman Miller's original Embody Chair, which was designed using the input of more than 30 physicians and PhDs in the fields of physical therapy, ergonomics, vision and biomechanics.

Users will additionally find numerous points to fine-tune the chair for a custom fit including adjustable seat depth and height, adjustable arm height and width and a BackFit knob to alter spinal curvature.

Also worth noting is that there is no assembly required and each chair comes backed by a 12-year warranty so there shouldn't be any need to replace it every couple of years.

Full details and specifications on the gaming chair can be found over on Herman Miller's website. That's also where you can place your order in exchange for $1,495. Sure, that's more than the total cost of a respectable gaming PC but if you've got the funds to spare and are in the market for a piece of high-end gaming furniture, it could be worth a look.