In context: We've all been there. You're somewhere without easy access to an electrical outlet, and your phone is about to die. Charging cases are bulky, and portable plug-in battery packs add awkward length to the phone. Power banks are convienient for those times when your phone or tablet needs a quick shot of juice.

On Tuesday, mobile accessory company InfinaCore launched its latest power bank called Pandora Portable Power, or P³ for short. The battery pack is completely wireless. The foldable prongs at the rear plug into any standard US electrical outlet to charge the 8,000mAh power core, although it does come with adaptors for overseas use.

"Portable charging is now finally truly portable with the introduction of Pandora Portable Power," said InfinaCore Co-Founder Victor Chor. "While other companies talk about 'wireless chargers,' their charging pads and devices are more often than not plugged into an outlet. P³ removes all the wires and free users to have portable power on the go."

The P³ has three ports on the front---one USB-C, one USB 3.0, and one USB 2.0. It features pass-through charging, so all three connections can be used while the Pandora is juicing up. When unplugged and turned on its side, it can supply a fourth device with energy via Qi wireless charging.

In addition to the ports, the front of the Pandora has a convenient LED panel that shows the percentage of charge left on the power bank. InfinaCore claims that the P³ can charge an iPhone XS or a Galaxy S9 two and a half times when the power bank is full and at twice the speed of other portable power banks (up to 18W delivery).

The Pandora is not too bulky either. It measures 82mm x 83mm x 28.8mm and weighs 260g. So it's not quite something you want to carry in your pants pocket for extended periods, but you can. However, it takes up very little space in a backpack or briefcase.

Pandora Portable Power will retail for $60. It is currently available on InfinaCore's website for an introductory rate of $40. The company did not mention how long the price would remain discounted.