Editor's take: For many, tires aren't given much consideration beyond being the basic intermediary between your vehicle and the road. Sure, we look at things like tread wear grades, traction and temperature ratings as well as intended usage and of course cost, but after getting them installed, most people don't think twice about them until they get a flat or need to be replaced due to wear. The truth of the matter is that tires are much more than just the middleman between your vehicle and the road.

They work in tandem with your vehicle's suspension, which, along with factors like air pressure and tire height, impact how smooth or rough of a ride you experience.

That said, have you ever wondered what a tire mounted on a wheel looks like while driving down the road - from the inside? Me either, but YouTube channel Warped Perception recently decided to find out and the end result is... well, kinda weird.

As you'll see, driving slowly with a GoPro mounted on the rim makes the tire look a bit like a beating heart. Things get a bit more rowdy when the speed is increased and corners are introduced into the equation. Equally as intriguing is what happens when he lets the air out of the tire after the test.

And to think, without modern tech, it'd be much more difficult to squeeze a camera between a tire and a rim.

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Masthead credit: Mr. Khatawut