The big picture: Amazon on Monday rebranded its Twitch Prime subscription perk as Prime Gaming, bringing the benefit more in line with its other Prime perks. With any luck, the rebranding should help Amazon raise awareness for Prime Gaming, which has largely been overshadowed by similar offerings from others.

Amazon acquired Twitch in the summer of 2014 for $1 billion and announced Twitch Prime a little over two years later. The subscription service, one of the many perks that make up Amazon's all-encompassing Prime package, offered various digital goodies to entice gamers as well as a collection of free games each month that are yours to keep forever.

The new Prime Gaming is essentially more of the same.

In announcing the revised perk, Amazon highlighted some of the in-game content currently on offer for titles including Red Dead Online, Apex Legends, League of Legends and Grand Theft Auto Online, among others. Amazon also boasted of its agreements with several big-name publishers including Riot Games, Rockstar Games and Roblox that'll bring members "incredible value every month."

As GameSpot suggests, Amazon's Twitch Prime service up to this point has largely been overshadowed by other subscription services like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus despite the fact that it is more or less free for the more than 150 million existing Prime subscribers that likely subscribe to Prime for perks like discounted shipping and access to Amazon's streaming video platform.

To claim your benefits, simply log in with your Prime membership credentials.

Image credit: Casimiro PT