Twitch has announced a new program that’ll grant Twitch Prime members access to a collection of free games each month. Once downloaded, they’re yours to keep forever.

Aptly called Free Games with Prime, the program launches on March 15 with two titles: the excellent first-person shooter Superhot and Oxenfree. Shadow Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation and Mr. Shifty are also in the pipeline for March and will join Tales from the Borderlands, SteamWorld Dig 2, Kingsway, Tokyo 42 and DubWars come next month.

Twitch notes that all eight titles from the Indie Amplifier program will be made available for free over the coming months including Treadnauts, High Hell, Tumblestone and I, Hope. Some of these games may not interest you much although others, like Superhot and Tales from the Borderlands, are instant classics worth revisiting or trying for the first time.

Twitch Prime is a free perk that comes as part of an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon, if you recall, purchased Twitch out from under Google in mid-2014 for $1 billion.

Microsoft and Sony offer similar “free game” programs for their respective Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Amazon Prime subscriptions start at $12.99 per month, or $99 per year. Those participating in select government assistance programs can score a Prime account for just $5.99 per month.