In a nutshell: Most will agree that Xbox Game Pass for PC is an excellent service, offering a slew of top titles for subscribers to download and play for just $5 per month—not to mention the initial $1 per month introductory offer. But the service has been in beta since launch, and when that ends on September 17, the price is doubling.

Buried in the slew of Xbox Series X/S announcements yesterday was confirmation that the Xbox Game Pass for PC would exit beta and "become generally available" next week, at which point the price will jump from $4.99 per month to $9.99 per month. It's also likely to expand to more locations at this time.

Microsoft notes that existing members will still pay the same $5 per month through the next billing cycle, so you're not going to suddenly start paying the new rate once September 17 arrives—it'll only kick in once your month is up.

Even at $10 per month, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is good value, offering access to over 100 games. All Microsoft-developed titles are free on release day, such as the brilliant Gears Tactics and Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the service includes third-party games, including the addictive-as-crack Wasteland 3.

The price is only going up for Xbox Game Pass for PC. Xbox Game Pass remains at $10 per month, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold, is $15 per month. The Ultimate option will also grant access to Microsoft's xCloud streaming service as of next week.

Microsoft yesterday announced that it would be adding EA Play to Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox and PC, which should go some way to softening the blow of that price increase. Members will receive access to over 60 games from Electronics Arts' stable, including Battlefield V, Mass Effect, and The Sims 4, along with timed demos for new releases.