In a nutshell: Do you want a display that will make you the envy of your friends, one that will take advantage of the next-gen consoles and Nvidia's 30-series graphics cards? Then check out Sharp's 120-inch 8K model that boasts virtually every feature under the sun.

As with LG's 163-inch MicroLED TV that was unveiled yesterday, Sharp's display is designed for enterprise use such as convention centers, hotel lobbies, and exhibitions halls. But if you have enough money and room in your home, this could be the best companion for a PS5/Xbox Series X/RTX 3090.

The Sharp 8M-B120C's list of features is extensive: it uses a 120-inch UV2A II LCD panel with a 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, a 120 Hz refresh rate (4K only), a 3,500:1 contrast ratio, a 6ms GtG response time, and 600 nits typical brightness---which is higher in HDR mode. It also has direct LED backlighting with 2,048 local dimming zones, can display 1.07 billion colors, a response time of 6ms, and support for HDR technologies such as HLG.

The 8M-B120C comes with an HMDI 2.1 input, which allows 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz refresh rates over a single cable. Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have HDMI 2.1 ports, and the GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs are the first available to feature HDMI 2.1 support. No mention of G-Sync compatibility, though.

Sharp notes (via Tom's Hardware) that the display uses the same technology found in its Aquos 8K TVs that upscales content to the screen's native resolution. Sound, meanwhile, is provided by a Dolby Audio subsystem that boasts four 10-watt and two 15-watt speakers.

If you do somehow manage to buy the 8M-B120C, you'll probably need a few people to help carry it into your mansion: it weighs an incredible 454 pounds with the stand. No word yet on price, but don't be surprised if it's in six digits.