What just happened? Microsoft on Monday updated its Bing search branding and rolled out a new look for the product that better "reflects the continued integration" of search experiences across Microsoft's product family.

Jordi Ribas, a corporate vice president at Microsoft, noted that as the Redmond-based tech firm expands the ways in which people can use Bing, they felt some differentiation was in order. As such, the search engine product will now be known formally as Microsoft Bing (rather than simply Bing).

Microsoft's new logo for the search engine can be seen on its official Twitter account although curiously, it hasn't yet updated on the actual Microsoft Bing website as of this writing.

Fittingly, MicrosoftBing.com redirects to Bing.com.

The updated logo replaces the blocky design of the previous logo with a smoother "ribbon" in the shape of the letter "b."

According to the latest metrics from Statista, Microsoft Bing had around 6.43 percent of the worldwide desktop search engine market share in July 2020. Google, meanwhile, was responsible for the lion's share of the pie at 86.86 percent.

Ribas also said Microsoft was expanding its Give with Bing rewards program. It's an extension of the Microsoft Rewards program, which lets users earn points when utilizing select Microsoft products and redeem them for things like gift cards or sweepstakes entries. Users can also donate their points to non-profits they care about.

Image credit Vladimka production