In context: Samsung is Nvidia's current partner for the production of the latter's latest 30-series Ampere GPUs, but as consumers have seen, uncertainty surrounding the former's ability to improve yields has led to a very small product launch. So small, in fact, that retailers have struggled to hold onto any stock at all.

As a result of this production inadequacy, Guru3D reports that Nvidia is already planning to shift much of the workload to TSMC. The change is expected to take effect in 2021, and could signify the long-awaited arrival of 7nm Ampere cards.

The production capacity Nvidia has snagged over at TSMC will be "high volume," which could be good news for consumers that are having a hard time getting their hands on the Green Team's latest products.

We don't know precisely when in 2021 Nvidia is hoping to kick things off with TSMC, nor do we know which products will be developed on its 7nm nodes. Still, we can probably expect more details on both of those fronts in the coming months – perhaps after the holiday season winds down.