Something to look forward to: The last time we heard anything from Ebb Software regarding its upcoming survival horror game Scorn was during Microsoft's Xbox Series X game reveal when it teased us with a two-minute cinematic trailer for the game. Today the developer showed a little more with a 14-minute clip of actual gameplay.

On Thursday, Ebb dropped a 14-minute trailer of its long-in-development game Scorn. It gives us a long look at what to expect from a player's perspective. The gameplay is relatively short on action, but this appears to be a deliberate effort to show off the atmosphere and environments within the creepy Gigeresque world. There are points when the developer could have easily engaged in combat but instead avoided it.

Reloading and changing weapons is done by swapping out meaty looking modules accompanied by squishy, gooey audio/visual effects. Everything from your weapons to the walls, ceilings, and floors is organic. The only things that do not look like they are made from living tissue are the doors and gates.

The art looks very familiar. Ridley Scott's Alien would feel right at home in this strange place. The similar art design is no coincidence. Scorns developers say they drew inspiration from the works of the late H. R. Giger, who collaborated with SFX creator Carlo Rambaldi to create the Xenomorphs in the movie Alien. Influences from Zdzisław Beksiński and David Cronenberg are also evident.

The game was thought to be vaporware there for awhile. Initially announced in 2014 and then failing to make its goals in a Kickstarter campaign, it looked like Ebb might have decided to put the game on ice permanently. After receiving a private investment in 2015 to keep the project afloat, Ebb gave Kickstarter another go in 2017, breaking the project into two parts. Now with this latest bit of actual gameplay, Scorn is looking more like a reality.

However, don't start counting your chickens just yet. Ebb Software still has not nailed down a release date, only saying that it is due sometime next year on Xbox Series X and PC. That leaves plenty of time for the game to poof away into vapor again, but let's hope not.