In brief: Apple on Monday announced its third media event in as many months, inviting interested parties to tune in for an online presentation next week. The early consensus is that the upcoming event will focus on Apple's next wave of Mac products and the transition to custom silicon.

Back in June during its WWDC keynote, Apple said it would begin the switch from Intel hardware to custom Apple silicon later this year.

With two events already in the books - one in September that focused on new Apple Watches and an updated iPad, and another in October that highlighted the iPhone 12 family - the Mac is really the only major product line that Apple has left to update.

It's not outside the realm of possibility that we could see some other products break cover next week, but if gear like the rumored AirPods Studio headphones or AirTags do materialize, they will likely be in addition to news about Arm-based Macs. Neither seems strong enough to necessitate their own product reveal event.

Arm, meanwhile, is in the process of being acquired by GPU maker Nvidia.

Apple's "One More Thing" event is scheduled for November 10 at 10 am Pacific and will be streamed over the Internet.

Masthead credit: Krisda