Background: Titus Interactive in mid-1999 published Superman: The New Superman Adventures on the Nintendo 64. Based on Superman: The Animated Series, the game had lots of promise but failed to deliver across the board. Reviewers criticized the game's technical flaws, poor gameplay, unresponsive controls, dull graphics and more. Some even called it one of the worst video games ever produced.

As the story goes, BlueSky Software, a subsidiary of Titus Interactive, set out to remake the game for the PlayStation but by the time it was finished, Titus' IP license from Warner Bros. had expired. Ultimately, the game was shelved and never saw the light of day. Until now.

Frank Cifaldi, founder and co-director of the Video Game History Foundation, recently shared news that an advanced build of the revamped Superman for PlayStation had hit the web... on DeviantArt, no less.

According to this post on DeviantArt from a Richard Evan Mandel, this is not a leak but an actual release. The author claims to have won the game in an auction in June 2013 along with a 40 percent build of Resident Evil 1.5. Mandel said he didn't think much of it at the time and found it to be a frustrating experience when trying to play, but only later did he realize how desirable it was.

Mandel said he attempted to use the game as a bargaining chip to try and get his hands on other builds of Resident Evil 1.5 but then a ton of drama ensued and, well... you can read the full story over on DeviantArt if you want to pull back all the layers.

For now, just know that the game is finally available to download thanks to the generosity of Mandel and that's a cool thing.