Stuff happens: With the release of any new device, users are bound to stumble upon a few bugs missed during testing. Most of the time, glitches are not much more than an annoyance, but they can be a deal-breaker on rare occasions. Now is one of those occasions for the iPhone 12.

Hundreds of users have reported to Apple's support forum that their new iPhone 12s (all models) are unexpectedly dropping cellular signal. Thousands more have posted similar complaints on the Verizon, AT&T, and iPhone subreddits.

The problem is not one that just suddenly appeared. The earliest reports date back to late October, although there has been a wave of complaints filed in the last 72 hours. Apple is surely aware of the issue, but it has not commented on it, so it is hard to know if and when a fix is coming.

At first glance, the bug seems to have something to do with switching cellular towers as a user travels. Several people have reported they can replicate the dropped-signal glitch by finding the point where signals switch from one antenna to another. However, a significant number of owners have said they have lost reception when not moving at all. It does not seem to matter whether the iPhone is on an LTE or 5G network.

Some have reported that the signal returns on its own after a few minutes, but others cannot wait around, especially those using their phones for business. As far as workarounds go, users have had sporadic success restarting the phone, toggling Airplane Mode on and off, or removing then replacing the sim card. These solutions are limited at best since they do not fix the issue permanently.

This cellular bug is not the only hiccup the iPhone 12 has experienced since launch. Users have also reported problems with the MagSafe feature, the display, and messaging.

Image credit: Dedi Grigoroiu