In brief: Disney's explosively-popular series "The Mandalorian" recently kicked off its second season, and so far, it's looking pretty good. So good, in fact, that Fortnite has swallowed two of the show's main characters up: the Mandalorian himself and the adorable Baby Yoda. With the release of Fortnite's Chapter 2: Season 5 today, players can join forces with the legendary hunter and his sidekick to battle a force known as the "loop."

The Mandalorian is arriving alongside a host of other "hunters" from "across realities," most of which appear to be original creations from the Fortnite team (I don't see any other third-party-owned characters).

Flowing from the "loop" is a bevy of new locations, ranging from an "ancient arena" (which you can spot in the image below), a jungle that will test your "survival skills," and a miniature desert surrounding the exposed "zero point" at the center of the map.

Epic says players can meet the island's various hunters and work with or against them (through quests, bounties, duels, and more) to earn a currency called "bars." Bars can be used to unlock "new exotic weapons," intel, services, upgrades, and more – The Mandalorian's jetpack and hybrid melee/ranged Amban Sniper Rifle are two potential rewards.

Of course, Fortnite wouldn't be Fortnite if there weren't plenty of new skins to go around in its latest season of content. If you snag the Battle Pass, you can earn your way toward cosmetics like the Mandalorian's own Beskar armor set and his hovering Baby Yoda companion (it's unclear how Yoda will follow the player in-game).

There are other cosmetics on offer, too, including skins that represent a Viking-age barbarian, a cyberpunky sword-wielding biker, and what looks like a gladiator. If the Battle Pass interests you, it'll run you around $950 V-Bucks, though Epic says you can earn 1,500 back just by playing over the next Season.