In context: In case you didn't know, Walmart has its own version of Amazon's Prime service, called "Walmart Plus." Like Prime, Plus customers can pay a single, high yearly fee ($98 in this case) and get access to a wide variety of benefits, including free one to two-day shipping. However, there's always been a $35 order minimum, which put Walmart Plus at a distinct disadvantage compared to Amazon's no-cost Prime delivery.

Today, that restriction is being scrapped outright, putting the two services on a more even playing field (where shipping is concerned, anyway – Prime offers a better value in other areas). Starting December 4, whether you're buying a $5 pack of batteries or a $500 TV, you will still benefit from Walmart Plus' fast, free shipping.

Unfortunately, not all items are covered by this new "no-minimum" rule. If you're buying "items like groceries" delivered directly from local Walmart stores (as opposed to a warehouse), there will still be a $35 minimum in place. That might change in the future, but for now, we assume this is a way for Walmart to cover the cost of hiring personalized shoppers that wander through a store and grab all the items a customer has requested.

Eliminated delivery minimums aside, another improvement arriving for Walmart Plus users soon is the expanded availability of fuel savings. From here on out, participating Sam's Club locations will also shave five cents (per gallon) off the cost of gas purchases, effectively adding 500 new potential sources of fuel savings for Plus subscribers.

If you're interested in Walmart+, you can take the service out for a spin courtesy of its 15-day free trial. If you like it enough, you can stay subscribed for $98/year or $13/month.