Bottom line: Offroading enthusiasts and their rugged Jeep Wranglers have tackled unfamiliar terrain for years, and starting next month, Lego will be selling a 2-door yellow-and-black variant of the popular SUV for getting around household obstacles. This Jeep Wrangler replica is one of the more affordable models in Lego's Technic series that should be a fairly quick, straight-forward build considering the number of pieces in the set. It does, however, pack several cool little details like a rear-mounted spare tire, foldable back seats, an articulating suspension, and even a working winch.

Jeep's famous, rugged 4x4 has stepped into the equally famous and rugged world of Lego. The toymaker has added a two-door Rubicon variant of the Wrangler to its Technic series and plans to sell it starting next year.

Like the real thing, Lego's rendition of the SUV is a whole lot simpler and cheaper than the company's outlandish 1:8 scale Italian supercar, though the Wrangler's chunky wheels, classic seven-slot grille, Rubicon stickers, and an articulating suspension keeps things interesting and authentic for 4x4 fans.

The model also has a button-operated front steering system to help with navigation, and should it get stuck behind a stubborn obstacle (or you want it to), there's a working winch mounted on the front bumper that can pull it out and then retract the rope with manual turns of the cogwheel.

There is, however, no working replica of the Wrangler's Rock-Trac 4x4 system nor it's V6 Pentastar engine, but lifting up the hood does reveal an engine cover with Jeep V6 written on it. The interior with its opening doors and folding rear seats is similarly light on details, and this simplicity is likely why the Jeep Wrangler Lego set ends up having a rather tempting $50 price tag.