What just happened? Google earlier this year announced it would be testing its new 2 Gig fiber service in Nashville and Huntsville. The beta program seemingly went off without a hitch as Google recently revealed that the service is now widely available in the aforementioned cities.

New and existing customers in Nashville and Huntsville can choose between two plans. The first affords a 1 Gig connection (1 gigabit per second download / 1 gigabit per second upload) for just $70 per month. Those looking to go all out can opt for the full 2 Gig plan (2 gigabits per second download / 1 gigabit per second upload) for $100 per month.

Google product marketing manager Amanda Peterson said the 2 Gig plan comes with a Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router, which is Wi-Fi 6 compatible. You also get a tri-band mesh extender and professional installation.

If you aren't lucky enough to live in one of these two cities, there still might be hope for a speedy Google Fiber connection. Those interested in the service are invited to sign up for the Google Fiber Tester program for the potential opportunity to try out Google Fiber products and services before they launch.

When Google announced the service earlier this year, it said it hoped to launch across most of their Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass cities by early 2021. No update on that timeline was provided in the recent announcement, however, so it's unclear if that target is still valid.

Masthead credit: ZikG