Editor's take: There's a reason the Apple Watch doesn't feature an integrated camera (lots of them, actually). Obvious privacy concerns aside, shooting from the wrist is just kinda awkward. Plus, baking in the required hardware would no doubt add extra heft and bulk to the equation. None of these concerns have stopped one company from pressing forward with the idea.

Wristcam is now accepting reservations for its self-titled product. In a nutshell, the Wristcam is a replacement Apple Watch band that includes a built-in front-facing 2MP camera as well as an 8MP outward-facing shooter. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, is water resistant up to one meter for up to 30 minutes, packs 8GB of internal storage and has its own battery.

Wristcam also has integrated LEDs that shine when the cameras are snapping photos or shooting video, a privacy indicator, if you will. According to the tech specs, it tips the scales at 35g.

As The Verge highlights, Wristcam started life some four years ago as a hardware project called CMRA. There was even an early crowdfunding campaign, CEO Ari Roisman told the publication, which pre-sold 10,000 units.

Pricing is set at $299 is your choice of five colors: black, white, gray, pink and green. To put that into perspective, the recently launched Apple Watch SE sells for $279 and the older Series 3 watch starts at $199.

December deliveries have already sold out, we're told, so the next batch won't ship until January.