In brief: Netflix has spent the better part of the past year bolstering its mobile app, a trend that doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The company's latest innovation is an audio-only mode that could help save bandwidth and lead to better consumption experiences with certain content.

In October, XDA Developers reported on a curious discovery. While digging through the Netflix app (version 7.79.1), the team found references to an audio-only mode. It wasn't functional back then but according to a recent report from Android Police, some users are now gaining access to the feature as part of a server-side rollout.

If you have access to the new feature, you'll see a Video Off toggle option at the top of your video player. Tapping it will switch you over to audio-only mode, which could be helpful if you are looking to conserve bandwidth or simply want to listen to a show in the background while doing other tasks on your phone.

In practice, one has to suspect that audio-only mode would work better with some shows than others. Dramas like Dexter or Breaking Bad might be harder to follow without the visuals but for documentaries or stand-up comedy, audio-only mode might even be preferred over the standard video feed.

Image credit Nor Sham Soyod, Android Police