Editor's take: Samsung is now accepting reservations for pre-orders of its next smartphone, fueling speculation that the South Korean tech giant could unveil the Galaxy S21 sooner rather than later. With no cost requirements and $60 of freebies up for grabs, it might not be a bad idea to reserve your spot now if you have any interest at all in Samsung's next flagship.

Interested parties can submit their details over on Samsung's website for the next Galaxy device and earn $50 to put towards accessories. There's also a $10 credit to be had for use in the Shop Samsung app. Users can select their preferred carrier during the process and even check the trade-in value of their current device.

It doesn't cost anything to register for a pre-order slot. Even if you aren't fully committed to a new Galaxy device, there's likely little harm in going ahead and registering to lock in the potential freebies.

Samsung has traditionally unveiled its new Galaxy S devices in February, during or just ahead of Mobile World Congress Barcelona. In light of the GSMA having pushed MWC21 Barcelona back to the end of June due to the ongoing pandemic, Samsung likely doesn't want to wait that long and could instead move the unveiling to coincide with CES 2021.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) revealed earlier this year that CES 2021 will be an all-digital experience scheduled for January 11 - January 14, 2021.

Whatever Samsung ultimately decides to do, you can probably expect an all-digital unveiling.

Image courtesy Zana Latif