The struggle is real: In our connected lifestyles, fewer things are more frustrating than having your internet go down. It's a problem made even more aggravating for those still working from home. Right now, several cities on the northeastern seaboard are feeling the pain.

If you are sitting on the East Coast of the US wondering why your internet is not working, join the crowd. Thousands of users on Downdetector report having problems connecting to numerous services, including Gmail, Zoom, AWS, Fortnite, and more.

Websites and applications are not the only ones having issues. Entire ISPs, such as Spectrum, Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast, are also experiencing outages. Verizon tweeted that the simultaneous connection problems stem from a severed fiber line in Brooklyn, New York.

A look at Verizon's outage map shows it is having network issues ranging as far north as the Boston area all the way south to Washington DC. Comcast's service map shows a similar scenario. Users are reporting outages starting as early as 9:30am Tuesday.

Due to Covid, many schools are still using services like Zoom and Google Classroom for distance learning. Both of these tools are out right now in the northeastern US. Businesses and those working from home that use Google Meet have been affected as well.

Verizon says that technicians are working on repairing the line "as soon as possible," but there is no estimated time of recovery as of this writing.