The big picture: Apple's iPod was instrumental in helping right the ship at Cupertino following Steve Jobs' return a few years earlier. The iconic portable media player was a smash hit but would ultimately be eclipsed by the tremendous success of the iPhone. As it turns out, the aging iPod still has plenty of potential if you're willing to put in the time to modify it.

YouTuber Guy Dupont detailed the work performed on this 2004 iPod Classic to spruce it up. The main goal was to make it compatible with Spotify, which meant it needed Wi-Fi to talk to the service. The modder also added Bluetooth audio so the device can stream to a wireless speaker or headphones - handy considering the headphone jack is now disabled.

The lock switch, meanwhile, was modified to serve as a power switch, and the monochrome screen was replaced with a full color display. The iPod now even has haptic feedback, replacing the clicky scroll wheel sound as an indicator that you are indeed navigating with the wheel.

Dupont additionally added a bigger battery to compensate for the increased power draw.

A full breakdown is available on Dupont's project page but to give you an idea of just how much custom work was done here, the only original hardware from the iPod that was reused was the chassis and the click wheel. As you might have guessed, a Raspberry Pi is now running the show - a $10 Pi Zero W model, to be exact.

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