In a nutshell: The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the NZXT H1 PC case is being officially recalled over a design fault that makes the vertical chassis a fire risk.

Last November, NZXT stopped sales of the H1 following reports of the two screws used for attaching the PCIe riser assembly to the chassis causing an electrical short circuit, posing a fire risk. The company says it has received 11 reports of "circuit boards overheating or catching fire worldwide, six of which occurred in the US."

NZXT has been using a temporary fix that offers owners nylon screws to replace the metal ones, but this doesn't address the problem's root cause.

Tech channel Gamers Nexus has been investigating the situation from the start. It found that the problem wasn't with the screws but the PCB design. Gamers Nexus called NZXT's behavior "appallingly irresponsible and negligent." The company eventually apologized, promising to remove the case from its stores and send out redesigned riser assemblies.

NZXT is still working on a permanent fix for the H1. Meanwhile, the CPSC and the Government of Canada just announced the official recall. Since the case was launched in February 2020, 32,000 units have been sold in the US and 1,024 in Canada. Consumers have been advised to "immediately stop using the recalled computer cases and contact NZXT for a free repair kit."

Image credit: u/evade187

It's a sad situation as the H1 case received plenty of love before the issues came to light. We liked it so much that the H1 was a 'Best Mini-ITX' pick in our Best PC Cases feature, though we didn't know about the fire dangers at the time, obviously.