In a nutshell: The hits just keep coming for Xbox Game Pass. After announcing Outriders would launch on the platform, Microsoft is bringing EA Play to Game Pass for PC after previously limiting it to console players. This adds over 60 games that will be included at no extra cost starting March 18th.

Microsoft has announced that EA Play is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. The service is already available for console subscribers, but it's good to see PC gamers get in on the fun. EA Play is a subscription service that gives players access to over 60 EA published games.

The process for downloading and playing EA Play games is somewhat confusing though. The games show up on the Xbox app, however, you must also install the new EA Desktop app (currently in beta) to actually run the game. Then you go back to the Xbox app to link your Xbox and EA accounts together.

Despite reservations that many gamers (understandably) have towards EA, the service does have legitimately great games such as Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall 2, Dead Cells, and the entire Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Dead Space series.

EA Play also includes discounts on EA digital purchases and 10-hour trial access of many other games.

This comes after Microsoft announced that Square Enix's Outriders would launch on Game Pass for console. It also begs the question if Ubisoft will also add its Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox Game Pass. The publisher already added it to Stadia (although it's not included in Stadia Pro).

That said, the addition of Bethesda's lineup and EA Play continue to make Xbox Game Pass a no-brainer for people who play on Microsoft's ecosystem.