Seasonal sales: GOG used to be everyone's one-stop-shop for older games, but these days, it's catalogue is far more broad, encompassing titles from both the AAA and indie spheres. One of the ways the platform keeps users coming back is its frequent, Steam-like sales, such as its latest Spring Sale, which has just kicked off today.

Running until April 5, the sale promises discounts up to 92 percent off across a whopping 3,000+ pieces of content. Some of those sales will be for games, others will be for DLC, but either way, there are plenty of meaty price cuts for you to sink your teeth into.

We can't possibly cover all 3,000 sales here, but we'll try to draw attention to some of the notable ones. Mad Max has just been added to GOG, for example, and its price has been temporarily slashed by 75 percent, down to just $5. It's not the most revolutionary open-world game on the planet, but it's still worth at least a few hours of your time, especially if you love post-apocalyptic adventures.

GOG is also drawing attention to Heroes of Might and Magic 3's Complete edition, which is 90 percent off for the first 48 hours of the Spring Sale, letting you grab it for just under a dollar.

Other particularly steep discounts have come for several critically-acclaimed titles of the past decade and change. These include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Human Revolution ($6.74 and $2.99 respectively), XCOM 2 ($4.79), The Witcher 3 ($7.99), hidden gem Drakensang ($2.99), and the fantastic Pillars of Eternity 1 ($15.99) and 2 ($23.99).

Most of these games typically cost nearly full price, despite being on the market for several years – that means you'd ordinarily be paying anywhere from $40 to $60. In other words, GOG's Spring Sale is a great opportunity to try out some modern classics that you may have been avoiding up to this point.

While you're browsing the latest deals, you should also take a peek at GOG's curated "Soon to Bloom" collection. It's a small set of 20 game demos, allowing you to try out both new and upcoming games before throwing your hard-earned cash at them. I personally recommend Backbone Prologue (for fans of hard-boiled detective stories) and the System Shock Demo.

As we mentioned before, the Sale ends on April 5, 2021, at 1PM UTC. Sadly, there isn't a free game giveaway this time around (timed or otherwise), but we suppose the Heroes of Might & Magic 3 sale is close enough.