Recap: NASA's STS-31 mission lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 24, 1990. A day later, the crew dropped the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit, where it remains in operation to this day. One of its successors, the James Webb Space Telescope, is slated to go up in October 2021, and promises an unprecedented look at the universe.

The new Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set, which was officially revealed by former astronaut Dr. Kathy Sullivan who was part of the mission that launched the Hubble Telescope more than 30 years ago, is a 2,354-piece kit aimed at adults.

It features the Discovery orbiter complete with working landing gear, elevons and rudder, with measurements of 21.78cm (8.57 inches) height x 34.60cm (13.62 inches) width x 55.46cm (21.83 inches) length.

Best yet, the payload bay doors can be opened, revealing the Hubble Space Telescope within. The telescope can either be stored in the payload bay or displayed separately with its solar array expanded. Both also include a plaque with facts from the mission.

Lego's NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set will be available starting April 1 priced at $199.99. Interested parties can pick it up from Lego directly or via an authorized retail partner.