In brief: Microsoft is preparing to release a new Windows 10 feature that will optimize the OS based on its particular use case. The options include gaming, entertainment, and business, though it appears to focus more on the software side than the hardware.

Microsoft has been testing a new "Device Usage" page internally for the last few months. It will appear in the Windows 10 Settings menu app and is already available in some preview builds.

Windows Latest managed to enable the feature using a virtual machine. "Get customized suggestions for tools and services based on how you plan to use your device," Microsoft writes.

Users must allow Microsoft to access their data to "create personalized experiences." There are six main categories: Gaming, for discovering new games and the latest releases; Family, making it easier to create individual profiles and staying connected; Creativity, such as video/photo editing and presentations; Schoolwork, which includes collaborating on projects; Entertainment, from watching videos to social media and web browsing; and Business, covering tracking expenses and managing customers. It's noted that more than one of these categories can be selected.

It's not clear what the optimization process involves, but it appears to include suggesting tools, services, apps/games to download, and customization options appropriate to specific use cases. We still don't know whether the feature will also bring hardware optimizations.

Last October, Microsoft announced a new "Customize your device" screen during the Windows OOBE (out-of-box) installation designed to offer a tailored setup experience. It includes the same categories of the upcoming feature, which seems to be an extension of that OOBE screen.