Highly anticipated: Steam is loved for many reasons, but its built-in support for user mods through the Workshop system is pretty high up on that list. It makes modding your favorite games fast and efficient, though some popular titles, such as Terraria, have resisted its implementation so far. However, after over 10 years of development, the Minecraft-like sidescroller is finally receiving Workshop support.

The support launched alongside Terraria's latest patch today: version 1.4.2. The patch doesn't include any other improvements or content additions of note (aside bugfixes), so it's safe to assume the game's Workshop implementation has occupied most of the developers' time lately.

But that's not a bad thing. As developer Re-Logic says in its official Workshop announcement, this update will give creators an easy way to channel and showcase their creative energies to the entire player base. You won't find any large-scale overhauls in Terraria's workshop (those still need to be obtained outside of Steam), though. For the time being, Re-Logic is only supporting two groups of content on the Workshop: World Uploads and Resource Packs.

World Uploads are just what they sound like – a copy of any given user's world. Perhaps someone made an amazing house they want to share with other users, or maybe they just found a cool, naturally-spawning cave. Regardless, World Uploads are the best way to show that stuff off.

Resource Packs are proper mods, though the changes they bring are mostly aesthetic and not functional. You can upload Texture Packs, Music Packs, and Language Packs through Terraria's Workshop, allowing you to alter the music, the NPC dialogue, or the look and feel of the game to your liking. You can even make proper translations of the game if you're unhappy with the quality or variety of Terraria's existing language options.

Re-Logic has posted a detailed breakdown of its new Workshop in its announcement post, so if want to dive into the world of Terraria modding, that's a good place to start.