Editor's take: Sony appears to be plotting a major mobile push and wants some of PlayStation's most popular franchises to lead the way. It seems like a wise move, if not a little late, considering the current mobile and gaming landscapes. Still, Sony has to be mindful of making quality ports that don't feel like cash grabs.

In a recently uncovered job listing on Greenhouse, Sony put out a call for a head of mobile. Candidates will be expected to craft a three- to five-year mobile product roadmap that focuses on bringing some of PlayStation's most popular franchises to mobile devices.

No specific IP was mentioned in the job listing but as we know, Sony has a vast and varied library to pull from. Of course, that fact alone is far from a guarantee of success.

Nonetheless, there's room for optimism as the move could fill some gaps in Sony's product lines.

Last month, the company confirmed it would be shutting down online stores for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita this summer to focus on the PS4 and PS5. The latter console continues to be difficult to find in stock, and the PS3, PSP and Vita have all reached end-of-life status.

Sony looks to be taking the hire seriously as evident by the job requirements. Eligible candidates need at least 15 years of business experience with a history of strategy development and leadership. Experience in translating IP into game property is also a must, while an MBA is "preferred."

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