Recap: For those not familiar, the Epyc 7763 is AMD’s latest top-end server chip. Each one boasts 64 cores with 128 threads in an 8x8 core configuration. With two of them, we’re looking at a whopping 128 cores and 256 threads. Oh, and did I mention they cost nearly $8,000 each?

AMD last month rolled out its third-gen Epyc Milan-based CPUs for servers. The platform has already set dozens of new world records, but what are they capable of when running software that’s a bit more mainstream?

In an attempt to answer this very question, AMD recently brought two of its monster Epyc 7763 chips together to have a go at Cinebench R23, a popular platform for testing a computer’s hardware capabilities.

AMD was able to smash the record without much effort with a score of 113,631. The test was ru-run to include a CPU-Z window in the screenshot and in this test, the score was 113,566. That’s the official one submitted to HWBot.

So, what does this tell us? Well, not much really, except perhaps serving as a bit of a teaser for the sort of performance we can expect from AMD’s next-gen Threadripper lineup.

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