In context: Apple's long-rumored AirTag trackers finally arrived recently, helping iPhone, iPad, and Mac users track down anything they're secured to. But there is a slight problem: the Tile-like devices lack a hole or key ring loop for attaching them to objects, forcing buyers to purchase accessories. Unless, that is, you drill a hole in one.

The AirTags are priced at $29 for one or $99 for four. If you want to attach them to something, such as a key ring, you'll need to buy an accessory. There's the Belkin Secure Holder with Strap for $12.95, or if money has no meaning to you, the Apple AirTag Hermes travel tag costs a bargain $699---really.

A cheaper, if not simpler, solution might be to add a hole yourself. iFixit performed one of its famous teardowns on an AirTag and found that a 3-volt CR2032 coin cell removable battery takes up most of the internal space. Comparing Apple's device to the Tile Mate and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, which all open using finger-power alone, the AirTag's battery was the hardest to remove.

An interesting part of the teardown was the team proving it's possible to make a hole in an AirTag without breaking its tracking functions. They used a 1/16-inch drill bit and drilled through the plastic outer cover, being careful to avoid any internal components.

If you decide to make some DIY improvements to your AirTag, make sure to remove the battery first---and be aware that this process will void the warranty, naturally. Expect the IP67 capabilities to be compromised, too. Maybe buying an accessory is the better option.