What just happened? Many praise the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller as one of the console's best elements. While it's compatible with the PC, the full range of features have been lacking---until now. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition has become what is believed to be the first PC game to support the DualSense's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Developer 4A Games released an update for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on Friday, allowing the full range of DualSense features. Twitter user Donny (@mrdomino_) posted a video of the newly supported controller in action, and it looks pretty impressive.

A few publications suggest the DualSense has full functionality on the original Metro Exodus, but the features seem limited to the Enhanced Edition that arrived earlier this month. This new version is an entirely new game, not just a patch, that's free for existing owners, though it only works on ray tracing-capable graphics hardware.

There are some other caveats. In addition to requiring a DualSense, obviously, the controller must be connected to a PC using the USB Type-C cable. It will reportedly only work with the Steam version of the game, not the Epic Game Store, Microsoft Store, or GOG versions.

Sony still doesn't offer official DualSense controller support for the PC, but with PlayStation Studios' Steam page suggesting more former PS exclusives are coming to the platform, perhaps a change is coming.

Expect to see more games utilizing the DualSense's full range of capabilities in the near future, and not just first-person titles like Metro Exodus that are better suited for keyboard-mouse combos. Make sure to watch out for those drift issues, too.