In brief: Mesh Wi-Fi networks are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to blanket their whole home with coverage, but a decent setup can be pricey. Vilo is looking to buck that trend with its debut offering.

The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System affords AC1200 dual-band coverage (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) across up to 4,500 feet (with a three pack). According to the specs, a single Vilo router can connect with up to 65 devices and has three wired gigabit ports. You also get free parental controls, but the best aspect of the Vilo ecosystem is the price.

Each router sells for only $19.99 plus shipping, meaning you can pick up a three-pack shipped to your door for under $70. Sure, you won't get advanced features like Wi-Fi 6, but that's reflected in the rock-bottom price, and for many people, AC1200 dual-band is more than adequate.

Vilo sounds a lot like Wyze, in that it specializes in affordable hardware that offers basic features without all the bells and whistles. Wyze cameras are a perfect example of this - a quality, yet affordable alternative to more expensive offerings from companies like Nest or Ring.

Gizmodo recently took a look at the Vilo system and came away impressed by its value. "The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi system officially knocks out the Amazon Eero 6 as the most capable mesh router solution for those looking to spend the least," said reviewer Florence Ion.

Vilo's Mesh Wi-Fi system is available to purchase from today starting at $19.99 plus shipping