Recap: Microsoft's Surface Duo was one of the more compelling dual-screen / foldable smartphones of 2020, but it wasn't without a couple of shortcomings. Notable among them was the camera system. It featured just a single camera module, an 11-megapixel shooter with f/2.0 aperture and an 84-degree field of view. Fortunately, it appears as though Microsoft's successor will step this up a bit.

Windows Central has shared images of what appears to be Microsoft's next-gen Surface Duo. The photos, originally from YouTube user Tech Rat, were first published more than a month ago but flew under the radar until Windows Central picked them up this week.

In the images, we see a device that largely resembles the first-gen Surface Duo, save for a large camera bump on the rear of the device that appears to house three modules. According to WC, the photos are indeed legitimate and show off an ultra-wide, a telephoto and a standard lens. A flash flanks the camera array along with a microphone.

The leak further reveals two color schemes for the phone, black and white. The integrated fingerprint reader has also been removed, and might now be embedded in the power button or maybe even built into the display.

Microsoft's second-gen Surface Duo is expected to launch this fall, although pricing remains a mystery. Most believe it'll be significantly more powerful and capable than the first-gen device which shipped with outdated hardware. Hopefully that won't impact the price point too much, as the original started at $1,399.99 when it first launched (but is down to just $649.99 now).