In a nutshell: Imagine being paid to report on emergencies such as a missing child, a house fire, a shootout, a hit-and-run. That's what Citizen is doing, an app that alerts its user about dangerous events surrounding their area. At the moment, Citizen counts with 12 "field team members," earning between $200 to $250 a day.

Citizen was originally launched as Vigilante in 2016, an iOS app that was later removed from the App Store due to concerns over its content. Intending to create a personal safety network, Citizen informs its users of any reported dangerous activity surrounding your location. The reported events can come from police communications, 911 alerts, and user livestreams.

At the moment, Citizen has 12 individuals working on their "Street Teams" livestreaming events, but new job listings suggest the company is looking to expand. The job listings were posted by Flyover Entertainment, a casting agency looking for "field team members" to livestream "from [their] phone straight to the app, covering the event as news" for an unnamed tech company working with user-generated content.

Working as a Citizen field team member pays $25 per hour. The New York positions are hiring people to work 8-hour shifts, receiving $200 a day. Los Angeles "field team members" positions are looking for people willing to work 10-hour shifts for $250 a day.

When asked if the listing was for Citizen, Michael Yates, owner at Flyover, said, "I'd violate my NDA and they'd rightfully fire me." However, soon after the listings were removed, a Citizen representative told the company was working with Flyover and sent a link to a similar job listing.

As an app, Citizen looks to be like a double-edged sword, where it can either be useful to inform users about potential danger or scare people by sending alerts for not-so-dangerous events. If you're not a Citizen user, but you're curious about it, use it with caution. Citizen is available on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.