Recap: In mid-2018, video game music veteran Tommy Tallarico purchased the rights to the Intellivision name and set about creating a new console. That system is the aforementioned Amico, which was first revealed in 2018 and starts at $249. It's more of a "party game" system (think the original Nintendo Wii) that focuses on playing together.

Intellivision has delayed its upcoming Amico video game console for the third time.

In an email obtained by Kotaku, Intellivision told customers who had pre-ordered the system that they originally planned to launch the Amico in the fall of 2020. The ongoing pandemic forced the company to modify those plans, and now in the face of "unprecedented" component shortages and logistics challenges beyond their control, they're having to push back the launch date yet again.

Intellivision said it is determined to fill pre-orders by the end of the year, and added that the delay will give them additional time to optimize the operating system for future game development.

The Intellivision name has been around since the late 70s when Mattel launched a game console by the same name. It competed directly with the Atari 2600. Follow-up systems would come, but ultimately, Mattel threw in the towel.

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There have been attempts to revive the brand in the past, and the latest is unfolding before our eyes.