Why it matters: After more than 37 years, Tetris continues to reinvent itself and remains one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. Tetris Beat offers new gameplay and original music while retaining elements of the classic, and sometimes infuriating, Tetris experience.

Apple Arcade's exclusive, Tetris Beat, is breathing new life into one of gaming's most popular and successful puzzlers. The game offers a rhythm-based Tetris experience to new players as well as a classic Tetris mode for long-time Tetris enthusiasts. The game features 18 songs created exclusively for Tetris Beat's new game modes.

The idea was conceived as Lawrence Clark, Tetris Beat's executive producer, became increasingly interested in watching videos of Tetris players laying their Tetriminos (yes, that's the real name of the Tetris blocks) down to music.

Clark and his team drew upon the unique playstyle of these music-based Tetris videos to create an entirely new experience. Tetris Beat offers three game modes, Drop, Tap, and Marathon. In Drop players rotate their Tetriminos to the beat of the music in an attempt to create big combo chains and even bigger scores. Tap mode requires players to strategically choose pieces and tap to the beat of the original game music. Marathon mode, the most recognizable of the three modes, provides access to classic Tetris gameplay.

Apple Arcade is a subscription-based game service that provides access to over 200 games across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV for $5 per month. Tetris Beat developer N3twork offers a number of games via the service, including their version of the original Tetris game.

Tetris Beat's original soundtrack is provided by a mix of EDM, pop, and hip hop artists around the world. In addition to the 18 original titles, Tetris Beat will feature new original songs each month, expanding its already impressive original catalog and artist roster. This addition of new music is meant to provide players with evolving challenges and replay value.