WTF?! These days there are plenty of AI-based apps that can make us look older, younger, change our sex, and even add our likeness into movie scenes, but could there be a better use for such advanced technology? Yes: discovering what video game characters would look like in human form. In the case of Street Fighter's extensive cast, there are some quite disturbing results.

As reported by VG24, Twitter user Siberian_644 posted a series of images showing the fighting series' most popular characters turned into humans by Google's algorithm. Some are actually very impressive and do resemble real-life versions of the combatants. Others, however, are the stuff of nightmares.

First up is Guile, who in human form resembles a young Jake Busey.

Following the movie star theme, here's Guile again, now in his alternative outfit and easily mistaken for Tom Cruise during the actor's Top Gun days.

Cody makes a convincing human, albeit one who goes under the knife quite often. Has this man ever tried to rope you into a pyramid scheme?

Some of the best transformations are Street Fighter's female characters. Chun-Li is excellent, as is Lucia (apart from the blue hair).

Unfortunately, there are some whose human incarnations are less than stellar. Ryu definitely doesn't look like a master of martial arts.

Seven-foot Muay Thai legend Sagat cuts a particularly sad figure, having been turned into a high school chemistry teacher whose wife recently left him for his younger brother.

Google has sadly misinterpreted young ninja-in-training Ibuki's mask for facial hair and given her real-life persona a 5 o'clock shadow.

Here's Gill looking like a member of 80s rock band Twisted Sister.

And M. Bison. No longer a megalomaniacal, psychopathic dictator, he has now become a software developer specializing in high-concept titles.

Last but certainly not least is Zangief. The Russian hero's human counterpart has fallen on hard times and now dances for rubles on the streets of Moscow.

Make sure to check out the full roster on Siberian_644's Twitter account.